Lab 7 - "Robot Sensing"

Teaching Notes

A Note On Robot Sharing


This lab is designed to assist you in learning the concepts associated with the input capture features for your MSP430. A single ultrasonic rangefinder is attached to a servo motor that can rotate. You will program your MSP430 to use the rangefinder to determine whether your mobile robot is approaching a wall in front or on one of its sides. The skills you will learn from this lab will come in handy in the future as you start interfacing multiple systems.

Sensor Boards

Each robot has one rangefinder/servo pair. By using the headers available to you on the top of the robot PCB, you can read a pulsewidth that is proportional to the distance between an object and the sensor. You will need to send the servo a pulse of a particular length in order to rotate the sensor to each side and back to the center position.

Servo pulses

For more information on servos, see the Seattle Robotics Society page on "What is a Servo?"

Prelab (20 pts)

See the following Prelab page.

Required Functionality (40 pts)

Use the Timer_A subsystem to light LEDs based on the presence of a wall. The presence of a wall on the left side of the robot should light LED1 on your Launchpad board. The presence of a wall next to the right side should light LED2 on your Launchpad board. A wall in front should light both LEDs. Demonstrate that the LEDs do not light until the sensor comes into close proximity with a wall. Practically, what "close proximity" means depends on how fast you expect your robot to be moving.

Sensor Characterization (15 pts)

You need to fully characterize the sensor for your robot. Create a table and graphical plot with at least three data points that shows the rangefinder pulse lengths for a variety of distances from a maze wall to the front/side of your robot. You should see a linear relationship between the points. This table/graph should be generated for only one servo position. Use these values to determine how your sensor works so you can properly use it with the servo to solve the maze. How do these experimental values compare to the timing values that you calculated in the Prelab?

Remote Functionality (15 pts)

Control your servo position with your remote! Use remote buttons other than those you have used for the motors. Note: you still need to be able to get readings from the ultrasonic sensor after changing your servo position with the remote.

Ultrasonic Library Bonus (5 pts)

Create a standalone library for your ultrasonic code and release it to your instructor on a private Bitbucket repository. This should be separate folder from your lab code. It should have a thoughtful interface and README, and you must use it in the robot maze laboratory (Lab 8).

Servo Tester Bonus (10 pts)

Use a potentiometer to create an analog servo position selector input to your MSP430. The analog value on this input will translate to a corresponding PWM value for your servo and allow you to sweep your servo position from side to side and anywhere in between. This will operate similar to the servo tester demonstrated in class. Answer the following questions in your main servo tester code file and be able to explain during a demo you provide to an instructor.

  1. What voltage range did you select for your potentiometer analog servo position selector input and why?

  2. What values did you choose for VR+ and VR-.

  3. What calculations did you use to translate your input reference voltages to the different PWM values for the servo positions?

Lab Hints

Grading - Lab 7

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Item Grade Points Out of Date Due
Prelab On-Time ----------------------------------------------------- Late: 1Day ---- 2Days ---- 3Days ---- 4+Days 20 BOC L37
Required Functionality On-Time ----------------------------------------------------- Late: 1Day ---- 2Days ---- 3Days ---- 4+Days 40 BOC L39
Sensor Characterization On-Time ----------------------------------------------------- Late: 1Day ---- 2Days ---- 3Days ---- 4+Days 15 BOC L39
Remote Functionality On-Time ----------------------------------------------------- Late: 1Day ---- 2Days ---- 3Days ---- 4+Days 15 BOC L39
Ultrasonic Library (Bonus) On-Time ----------------------------------------------------- Late: 1Day ---- 2Days ---- 3Days ---- 4+Days 5 BOC L39
Servo Tester (Bonus) On-Time ----------------------------------------------------- Late: 1Day ---- 2Days ---- 3Days ---- 4+Days 10 BOC L39
Code On-Time Zero ---- Check Minus ---- Check ---- Check Plus ---- Late: 1Day ---- 2Days ---- 3Days ---- 4+Days 10 BOC L39
Total 100