Programming the MSP430 in Circuit

This tutorial was inspired by this youtube video.

  1. Remove your MSP430 from your Launchpad and place it in the breadboard.
  2. Remove the TEST, RST, and VCC jumpers from your Launchpad.
  3. Connect wires to the TEST, RST, and VCC pins closest to the microUSB connector.
    • Connect TEST to Pin 17 of your MSP430
    • Connect RST to Pin 16 of your MSP430
    • Connect VCC to Pin 1 of your MSP430
  4. Connect the GND pin on your MSP430 to ground on your breadboard.
  5. Connect the VCC pin on your MSP430 to voltage on your breadboard - not more than 3.3V!

You're now ready to program your MSP430 in-circuit. When you remove the USB cable, it will run under its own power!